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PAGE 1PAGE 23紧急状况用语I’ve lost my passport.我的护照丢拉Where is Chinese Embassy?中国大使馆在哪?Could you call for a Chinese speaking staff?能找个英文团队给我吗?Is there a police station here? 附近有警察局吗? Whom should I ask to? 我应该问谁?Please help me 请帮助我 I feel sick 我觉得不舒服 I'm in a hurry 我时间很急 I'm lost 我迷路了 基本语篇谢谢!—— Thank you.多谢!-- Thanks a lot.对不起,麻烦你。—— Excuse me.抱歉。—— Excuse the mess.需要帮忙吗?--Can I help you.谢谢你的帮助。—— Thank you for helping me.无论如何如何学好英语口语,我需要感谢你。—— Thanks, anyway.您好。--How are you!初次见面问好。—— How do you do!很高兴见到你。—— (It's) nice to meet you.请问您从哪来。

--Where are you from?请问贵姓。--Can I have your name?我叫...。—— My name is ... (I'm ...)很高兴认识你。—— It was a pleasure meeting you.很高兴见到你。—— Pleased to meet you.希望再看到你。—— Hope to see you again.这是不是说我之后可以再看到你?—— Does that mean that I can see you again?玩得开心--Have a good time.祝你好运。—— Good luck.我期待没事。—— I hope nothing is wrong.怎么了?—— What's the matter?糟糕,严重吗?—— Oh, no! Is it serious?我真为你失望。—— I'm sorry for you.一路平安旅游英语口语大全吃饭,走好。—— Have a safe trip home.方向:East 东 South 南 West 西 North 北 Left 左 Right 右 Straight on 往 前 直 去 There 那 儿 Front 前 方 Back 后 方 Side 侧 旁 Before 之 前 After 之 后 First left/right 第 一 个 转 左 / 右 的 路二、请问如何前往 ...Excuse me, How do I get to the ? 请 问 如 何 前 往 ¨ ¨ ¨ ? How do I get to the airport? 请 问 如 何 前 往 机 场 ? How do I get to the bus station? 请 问 如 何 前 往 公 车 站 ? How do I get to the metro station? 请 问 如 何 前 往 地 下 铁 路 站 ?( Metro 乃 欧 洲 常 用 字 ) How do I get to the subway station? 请 问 如 何 前 往 地 下 铁 路 站 ?( Subway 乃 北 美 洲 常 用 字 ) How do I get to the underground station? 请 问 如 何 前 往 地 下 铁 路 站 ?( underground 乃 英 国 常 用 字 ) How do I get to the train station? 请 问 如 何 前 往 火 车 站 ? How do I get to the hotel XXX? 请 问 如 何 前 往 XXX 酒 店 ? How do I get to the police station? 请 问 如 何 前 往 警 局 ? How do I get to the post office? 请 问 如 何 前 往 邮 政 局 ? How do I get to the tourist information office? 请 问 如 何 前 往 旅 游 资 讯 局 ?三、请问附近 ...Excuse me, Is there near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 ...? Is there a baker near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 面 包 店 ? Is there a bank near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 银 行 ? Is there a bar near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 酒 吧 ? Is there a bus stop near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 公 车 站 ? Is there a cafe near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 咖 啡 店 ? Is there a cake shop near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 西 饼 店 ? Is there a change bureau near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 找 换 店 Is there a chemist's near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 药 剂 师 ? Is there a department store near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 百 货 公 司 Is there a disco near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 的 士 高 ? Is there a hospital nearby? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 医 院 ? Is there a night club near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 夜 总 会 ? Is there a post box near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 邮 政 局 ? Is there a public toilet near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 公 共 厕 所 ? Is there a restaurant near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 餐 厅 ? Is there a telephone near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 电 话 ? Is there a travel agent near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 旅 游 社 ? Is there a youth hostel near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 青 年 旅 馆 ?Is there a Chinese restaurant around here?这周围能否有国内餐厅?Are there any inexpensive restaurants near here?这周围能否有价格不贵的餐厅?Do you know of any restaurants open now?你明白今天哪儿还有酒店是营业的吗?How can I get there?我如何能到达那里?游客问讯用语Where is the tourist information centre ? 请问旅游问讯处在哪里?Is there an airport bus(交通工具) to the city(目的地) ?这里有从车站去市中心的公交吗 ?Where is the bus stop (taxi stand) ?巴士站台在哪里 ?How much does it cost to the city centre by taxi ? 乘计程车到市中心需要好多钱 ?How can I get to Hilton hotel ? 去希尔顿酒店怎么走 ?May I have a city map ?请给我一张市区地图?How much is it ?多少钱 ?Keep the change, please不用找钱了Take me to this address, please请拉我去这个地址How long does it take to go to the city centre ?到市中心需要多长时间?Stop here, please请停下来。

What time does it leave ?几点发车?Where can I get a ticket ?在哪里卖票?Could you tell me when we get there ?请问几点才能到达哪里。Is it far from here?那离这儿远吗?Can I walk down there?我能走着去那吗?How long does it take to get there on foot?步行到哪里还要多长时间?Can I go there by bus?我能乘公交去那吗?How far is it from here?那离这儿多远?How can I get to the cathedral?我什么去大教堂?You should take the number 5 bus你还要坐5路车去Where can I get the bus?我在哪坐车?Where is the rest room?洗手间在哪?Could you show me the way on this map?你能在地图上给我指路吗?Could you write it down here?能写在这吗?What time?几点拉?Is the museum of art open today?今天艺术馆开门吗?How much is the entrance fee?门票多少钱?购物How late the department stores are open?商店最晚开到几点?Can I have a tour brochure?能给我一个观光册子吗?What time do you leave?你怎么时间回到?How long does it take to get there?多长时间能到那?How can I get to this address?我什么到这个地址?Could you tell me how to get there?能告诉我怎么到那吗?Where is the nearest supermarket from here?最近的超市在哪?Where can I buy a roll of film?在哪能买到胶卷?Are there any unusual things produced in this town?这个镇有哪些特产吗?Where can I buy it?我在哪里能买到Is there a duty-free shop?这有免税店吗?What time do stores open?什么时候商店开始营业?I’m just looking.thank you谢谢,我也是想想Do you have sweaters?你有毛线衫吗?I’d like to see this我想看看这个Could you show me something in my size?能找个我如此大号的吗?Can I pick it up?我能拿起来吗?Do you have one like this?你有像这个一样的吗?I’d like the one in the window我需要个橱窗里的Could you show me another one?能给我说说另一件吗?What kind of colors do you have?你们有哪些颜色的?Do you have anything smaller?你有一些小号的吗?Do you have any other style?你有任何风格的吗?Do you have a red one?有红色的吗?This is not what I’m looking for这不是我要找的This is too big这个太大拉Do you have a bigger one?你有更大的吗?Do you have the same thing in any other colors?你有任何色彩的这个东西吗?Can I try this on?我可以试穿吗?Where is the fitting room?换衣间在哪?This is just my size.这就是我的号It doesn’t fit这个不合适This is too short (long/tight/loose)太短拉(长/紧/松)It’s too expensive for me 太贵拉Can I have it in a cheaper price?能便宜点吗?Do you have anything else around 80 dollars?你有大概80圆的东西吗?Can I get a little discount?我能得到些打折吗?I’ll take this我要这个I’d like three same as this.我要3个这样的Can you wrap it as a gift?你能把它成为礼物包装吗?Can you wrap these separately?你能分别包装吗?Anything else?还有其它的吗?No. that’s all不,够拉Can I have a paper bag?能给我个纸带吗?I’ll take this我要带着这个How much it all together?一共多少钱?Does it include tax?含税了吗?Can I have a receipt, please能给我个收条吗?I don’t have my change back yet.还没有找我钱呢I already paid我现在付钱了May I have the form for tax refund?能给我张退税表吗?Where can I get a form for tax refund?我在哪能得到退税表Do I have to declare?我要申报吗?Will I have any difficulties with customs?我过海关有哪些困难吗?I found a stain here这有个污点Could you exchange this, please?能换这个吗?Could you change it for a new one?能换个新的吗?I’d like to return this我想退掉它Can I have a refund?能退给我钱吗?餐厅挑选位置:We’d prefer a table by the window.(我们偏爱靠窗的桌位。

)We’d like to sit by the window.(我们需要坐在窗边。)We’d like to sit in the nonsmoking area.(我们需要坐在非吸烟区。)We’d like a smoking table.(我们需要吸烟区的桌位。)I’d like a quiet corner, if possible.(我需要安静的角落,如果恐怕的话。)Could we have a table close to the band(我们可以选靠近乐队的桌位吗?)人数:We are a group of four. (我们有四个人。)There will be three of us. (我们有三个人。)点餐:I’d like to have some local food.我想尝试一下当地食物。 May I have a menu,please?请给我菜单。Do you have a menu in chinese? 是否有英文菜单?Can I have the same dish as that?我可以点与那份同样的餐吗?What do you have for today’s special?今天的推荐餐是怎么?May I order,please?我可以点餐了吗?用餐:Could you tell me how to eat this?请告诉我要如何食用这道菜?I’d like a glass of water, please. 请给我一杯水。

May I have some more bread, please.请再给我一些面包。I’d like a dessert, please.请给我一些甜点。What do you have for dessert?甜点有哪几种?My order hasn’t come yet.我点的食物还没来。Can I have some fruit instead of the dessert?可不可以不要甜点改要食物?May I have just a little of it?可以给我一点这个吗?This is not what I ordered.这不是我点的食物Where is the washroom?卫生间在哪里?Check, please.麻烦请结帐。Can I pay here?可以在这里付帐吗?We like to pay separately.我们需要分开算帐I think there is a mistake in the bill.帐单有一些正确。Could you check it again?可不可以麻烦再确认一次帐单?Can I pay with this credit card?可以用这张信用卡付帐吗?May I have the receipt, please. 请给我收据。

速食寿司用餐Will you be eating here or is this to go (take out)?在这用餐或带走?Take out,please.带走。Can I sit here?我可以坐这儿吗?Can I take this seat?我可以坐这个位置吗?Where can I get a knife and fork?我在哪可以获得刀与叉?(吸管:straw 筷子:chopsticks)A sandwich,please.请给我一份三明治Whole wheat,please.请给我全麦面包I’ll have a small hamburger,milk,and one large order of French fries.请给我一个小包子、牛奶和一份大份炒饭。Can I have a hot dog,please?请给我一份热狗。I’ll eat here. 在这吃饭。食物:一、沙司Sauce⑴冷沙司和冷调味品:①马乃司沙司Mayonnaise Sauce②千岛汁Thousand Islands Dressing③醋油汁Oil Vinegar④芥末沙司Mustard Sauce⑤法式汁French Dressing⑥奶酪汁Cheese Dressing⑵热沙司:①布朗沙司Brown Sauce②苹果沙司Apple Sauce③咖喱沙司Curry Sauce④奶油沙司Cream Sauce⑤番茄沙司Tomato Sauce⑥黄油沙司Butter Sauce二、菜肴生熟程度⑴一成熟Rare-R⑵三成熟Medium Rare-MR⑶五成熟Medium-M⑷八成熟Medium well-MW⑸全熟Well-down W三、早餐1、大陆式早餐Continental Breakfast2、美式早餐American Breakfast⑴果汁类:橙汁 Orange Juice菠萝汁 Pineapple Juice番茄汁Tomato Juice柠檬汁Lemon Juice西柚汁Grape fruit Juice⑵谷物类饮料:燕麦片Oatmeal玉米片Cornflakes糖 浆Syrup蜂 蜜Honey⑶蛋类:①煎 蛋Fried Egg单面煎Sunny-side up双面煎Over Easy双面煎老蛋Over Hard②煮蛋Boiled Egg嫩2-3 老5-7③炒蛋Scrambled Egg④水波蛋Poached Egg⑤蛋卷Omelet清蛋卷Plain omelet洋葱蛋卷Onion omelet番茄蛋卷Tomato omelet火腿蛋卷Ham omelet⑷肉类:火腿Ham香肠Sausage烟肉Bacon⑸面包:烤馒头Toast面包卷Roll半角包Croissant黄 油Butter果 酱Jam苹果酱Apple Jam橘子酱Marmalade Jam⑹饮料类:咖啡 coffee红茶Black Tea牛奶Milk椰子Coco正 餐1、头盆 AppetizersStartersHord’euvres2、汤Soups3、色拉Salads4、主菜Main Courses5、甜点Desserts①奶酪Cheese②甜品Sweets蛋糕Cake布丁Pudding比萨Pizza煎饼Pancake冰淇淋Ice Gream水果Fruit香烟Cigarette菜单menu烹调步骤1、煎Fried2、炸deep-fried3、炒Saute4、煮Boil5、焖Braise6、烩Stew7、烤Roast8、焗Bake9、铁扒Grill10、串烧Broil酒店早餐英语口语水果: 西瓜 Water melon调料: 方糖 Sugar西红柿 Tomato盐 Salt香蕉 Banana酱油 Soy sauce梨 Pear果酱 Jam橙 Orange椒盐 Pepper葡萄 Grape醋 Vinegar黄油 Butter点心: 蛋糕 Cake煎饺 Fried dumpling双面煎蛋 Fried over油条 Deep-fried dough sticks单面煎蛋 Sunny side up肉包 Steamed stuffed buns咸鸭蛋 Salt duck’s egg夹馅面包 Bread sandwich烤馒头 Toast炒饭 Fried rice春卷 Fried Noodles稀饭 Rice grud饮料: 牛奶 Milk咖啡 Coffee豆浆 Saybean milk牛奶 Orange juice黑咖 Blak coffee奶咖 White coffee红茶 Red tea绿茶Green tea1.Welcome to our restaurant.欢迎到我们餐厅来。

2.Have a good time!祝您吃饭开心!3.You are welcome.不用谢。4.I’m sorry, It’s my fault.很抱歉,那是我的错。5.Where is the washroom?卫生间在哪里?6.This way, please.请这里走。7.I’m afraid, You should pay it extra.对不起,恐怕这个要额外付费。8.The coffee is free for you.这咖啡是为您免费提供的。9.How wold you like to pay in cash or by credit card?您如何付款旅游英语口语大全吃饭,刷卡或者现金?10.This is your bill,Please check it and sign here.这是您的账单,请检查并签字。住宿篇I'll arrive late, but please keep my reservation.我會晚一点到达,请保留所预定的房间。I made a reservation in Taipei.我在上海已预订房间。My name is ……我的名字是……I'd like a quiet room.我需要一间安静一点的小屋。

I'd like a room on the upper level.我需要楼上的房间。I'd like a room with a nice view (a balcony).我需要一间视野好(有窗户)的室内。Is hot water available any time?随时都有热水供应吗?May I see the room?我可以看一看房间吗?Do you have anything bigger (better/cheaper)?是否也有更大的(更好的/更便宜的)房间?I'll take this room. 我要订这间房子。Would you fill in this registration form?麻烦填写这张住宿登记表。Do you accept credit crads(traveler's checks)?这里可使用信用卡(旅行账户)吗?Could you keep my valuables?是否可代为保管贵重财物?Where is the dining room?餐厅在那儿?What time does the dining room open?餐厅几点开始营业?What time can I have breakfast?早餐几点开始供应?Is there a beauty salon(barber shop)?旅馆内有美容院(理发院)吗?Can I have a card with the hotel's address?是否可给我一张有酒店地址的名片?Where is the nearest subway station? 最近的地铁站在哪里?Can I get a ticket for the sight-seeing bus here?是否可在此购买观光缆车券?出国旅游搭乘火车常用英语 (转载) 机场指示牌中文英文中文英文机场费airport fee出站(出港、离开)departures国际机场international airport登机证件办理check-in国内机场domestic airport?登机牌boarding pass (card)机场候机楼airport terminal护照检查处passport control immigration国际候机楼international terminal行李领取处luggage claim; baggage claim国际航班出港international departure国际航班旅客international passengers国内航班出站domestic departure中转transfers卫星楼satellite中转旅客transfer passengers入口in中转处transfer correspondence出口exit; out; way out过境transit进站(进港、到达)arrivals报关物品goods to declare不需报关nothing to declare贵宾室V. I. P. room海关customs购票处ticket office登机口gate; departure gate付款处cash候机室departure lounge出租车taxi航班号FLT No (flight number)出租车乘车点Taxi pick-up point来自arriving from大轿车乘车点coach pick-up point预计时间scheduled time (SCHED)航空公司汽车服务处airline coach service实际时间actual租车处(旅客自己开车)car hire已降落landed公共汽车bus; coach service前往departure to?公用电话public phone; telephone起飞时间departure time厕所toilet; W. C; lavatories; rest room延误delayed男厕men‘s; gent‘s; gentlemen‘s登机boarding女厕women‘s; lady‘s由此乘电梯到达行李stairs and lifts to departures餐厅restaurant迎宾处greeting arriving酒吧bar?由此上楼up; upstairs咖啡馆coffee shop; cafe由此下楼down; downstairs免税店duty-free shop?银行bank邮局post office货币兑换处money exchange; currency exchange出售火车票rail ticket订旅馆hotel reservation旅行安排tour arrangement行李暂存箱luggage locker行李牌luggage tag机票 飞机票(指限定条件) endorsements/restrictions 前往城市 to 旅客姓名name of passenger承运人(公司)carrier旅行经停地点good for passage between航班号flight no.起点城市from座舱等级class (fare basis)起飞日期date机号plane No.起飞时间time机座号seat No.订座情况status吸烟座位smoking seat机票确认ticket confirm非吸烟席non-smoking seat登机口gate出(入)境卡姓family name年year名First (Given) Name月month性别sex偕行人数accompanying number男male职业occupation女female专业技术人员professionals & technical国籍nationality行政管理人员legislators &administrators国籍country of citizenship办事员clerk护照号passport No.商业人员commerce (Business People)原住地country of Origin???? (Country where you live)服务员工service前往目的地国destination country农民farmer登机城市city where you boarded工人worker签证签发地city where visa was issued其他others签发日期date issue无业jobless前往国家的地址address while in签名signature街道及门牌号number and street官方提交official use only城市及国家city and state日day出生日期date of Birth? (Birthdate)签 证姓surname失效日期(或需要在...日之前入境)expiry date ( 或 before)名first (given) name停留期为for stays of性别sex10天ten days出生日期birthdate8周eight weeks国籍nationality3个月three months护照号passport No.6个月six months编号control No.1年one year签发地Issue At3年three years签发日期Issue Date (或On)签证类型visa type(class)日期、数字、符号一月JAN七月JUL二月FEB八月AUG三月MAR九月SEP四月APR十月OCT五月MAY十一月NOV六月JUN十二月DEC天day (s)年year (s)周week (s)1993年6月12日12 Jun. 1993月month (s)1993年6月12日Jun. 12, 1993?出国旅游英语总括-入关常用词 作者:佚名 文章来源: HYPERLINK "/ShowCopyFrom.asp?ChannelID=1003&SourceName=转载" 转载 点击数:149 更新时间:2010-5-12 18:36:17 Immigration入境检查duty-free items免税品Passport control护照检查Quarantine检疫Outgoing passenger card入境登记卡Residents本国居民Ongoing passenger card出境登记卡Non-residents外国居民Customs declaration card海关申报单Visa签证Currency declaration现金申报单Destination目的地A gift for my friend送给同学的礼物Valid (invalid)有效(无效)Chinese medicine中药Cash现金Prohibited articles违禁品Yellow card健康卡


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  • 流利说先锋版电脑版是一款由上海流利说信息技术有限公司所推出的电脑英语学习应用。此版本是通过在电脑上安装安卓模拟器来实现运行的,用户可以探索更多好玩又有效的英语学习形式。
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  • 英语口语课程在线哪家好?  英语口语培训班哪个比较好?现在无论是在校学习的学生还是已经工作的人,大部分人发觉英语不再单单局限在考证,在日常生活和工作上都会
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